Those were words that sent opponents of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, into fits of apoplexy. The idea of giving the Secretary of Health and Human Services the power to write the law as he or she saw fit gave supporters of the law thrills and the opponents, chills.

But the very verbiage used to give the power of writing aspects of the law may come back to haunt those supporters. The reason? Dr. Ben Carson. If he suspends his Presidential bid and chooses to accept an appointment from a Republican president-elect, he would be in the position to do something that the current Congress has not been able to accomplish. A complete re-write of the law from the inside out.

Many have said Obamacare can never be repealed because it has become so entrenched in the everyday workings of the American life. If that is indeed the case, the law could be retooled by a Republican appointed director. And the Democrats could do very little about it.

Dr. Carson would be a fantastic appointee. He has the working knowledge of the healthcare industry and could best give guidance as to how to restructure the system to make it work. His advocacy for patience-driven healthcare is admirable because he understands the economics of a free market system. When patients have the ability to shop around and choose the best services, they will help drive down the cost of healthcare. Isn’t that what Obamacare is supposed to do for all Americans, reduce the price of healthcare? Sadly, the monthly premiums for insurance continue to grow at an alarming rate. Many people still can not afford health insurance and even more have been forced to switch from the plans they love, to plans with less coverage and higher deductibles.

Even though Dr. Carson desires to be president, maybe he is being called to another position. One that will lead millions of people toward better health because they will really be able to access healthcare for an affordable price. If Dr. Carson could implement his ideas through the framework of the ACA, he may be able to influence an entire nation for many generations to come. It may well be the second most powerful job in the country. The question is, will the Republican nominee, whoever it is, be willing to offer the position to Dr. Carson and would he accept?

For the sake of the nation, hopefully the answer to both of these questions, is a resounding “YES.”


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