Christian Cannibalism

It’s starting again. The feeding frenzy that accompanies the fall of a high profile Christian spokesperson. After the revelations of wrong doing, those who live in the darkness surface for the newest fresh meat in the water. The smell of fresh blood is just too irresistible. Those who do not profess to be Christians are leading the attack, and sadly, many Christians are joining in.

Christians are really good at devouring those who fall into sin. Like predators who single out the weak or infirm, many of them swarm and strip the bones clean. Forget the idea of grace and forgiveness.

If the offender is lucky enough to survive, it is usually with significant wounds and deep spiritual damage. Sadly, the carnage happens time and again. We have become very adept at eating our own.

The current target is Josh Duggar. He recently revealed he is addicted to pornography and cheated on his wife. This was in addition to the previous revelation that he had abused his sisters and possibly others outside the family. Josh Duggar certainly needs to answer for what he has done, but one thing that should not happen is the vitriol and ostracism he is enduring. He needs help, not condemnation.

He is a hypocrite of epic proportions. That is evident. But the dirty little secret, is that many of those condemning Josh Duggar and his parents would fall into that category as well. If we are honest, deep down, there are many areas where we all fall short of living up to all of the things we believe or espouse.

That is where grace enters the scene, or at least where it should.

Instead of ravaging Josh Duggar and his family, they need support. Lost in the fray and frenzy is the fact that there is a wife and children who are hurting. Their world has been rocked and their lives shattered. Somehow, they need to find a new “normal.”

The question is, how will the Christian community respond. Will it respond in love, with forgiveness, or will it pile on the condemnation?

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